A specialist in the cosmetic sector from its origins, ANALYTEC offers a vast range of analyses covering all the requirements relating to the tracing and quantification of substances.

Our offer may be divided into 4 groups of services:

  • Physico-chemical characterisations of your products and raw materials:

    – pH, density, viscosity, activity of water (aw), loss to drying, water content, …

    – Flash point, melting point, boiling point…

    Acid index, peroxide index, iodine index, RANCIMAT

    – UV spectrum, Identification of dyes…

  • Dose of cosmetic ingredients and active ingredients:

    – Listed preservatives

    – Unlisted preservatives (aids to preservation,..) emollients

    – Antiseptics, antioxidants

    – Organic UV filters and mineral sun screens

    – Dyes, perfumes, whitening ingredients, self-tanners

    Vitamins, anti-dandruff ingredients, active depilatory ingredients,

    – Fatty acid profile,

  • Dose and verification of absence of undesirable substances:

    – Absence of parabens, allergens

    – Solvents and residual VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

    – Phthalates, Bisphenol A,

    – Pesticides, HAP, Heavy metals

    – Nanoparticles



  • Chemical studies and cosmetic evaluation tests:

    – Stability, estimation of DDM, validation of PAO

    – Compatibility, container/content interaction

    – Packaging/formula migration– SUN TEST

    – Preservation efficiency

    – Validation of cleaning of cosmetic industrial tools

    – Validation of analysis method according to ISO 12 787

    New products, new markets throw up new questions, and ANALYTEC intervenes to study and develop suitable analysis services.