Expert group appraisals


The market and legislation demand from the cosmetic players overall control of the safety parameters of their products. ANALYTEC offers you its expert appraisal of the chemical and physico-chemical aspects of these products.

The interdependence of the chemical, microbiological and toxicological aspects is a critical factor that must be taken into account when evaluating the safety of cosmetic products. The unique expert appraisal born out of cooperation between the ANALYTEC laboratories (chemistry) and the other branches of the COSMEBAC Group (Microbiology) and COSMEPAR Group (Toxicology) is able to answer these questions independently.

You can therefore find our exclusive services which pool the technical skills of each laboratory:

  •  Compatibility pack:

Protocol for evaluating the compatibility of the product in its final or related pack

Objective: approach led entirely by ANALYTEC for examining the formula stability in its pack in the course of time.

  • Initial Stability Pack:

Standardised protocol for evaluating chemical and microbiological stability dedicated to cosmetic products (particularly in the context of new formula preservation approaches).

Objective : coordinated approach led entirely by COSMEBAC / ANALYTEC for examining the stability and antimicrobial efficiency of the formula in the course of time.

Purpose : recommendation of independent experts on microbiological and chemical stability.

  • Migration Stability Pack:

Standardised expert protocol for evaluating stability, dedicated to cosmetic products, aimed at globalising the Stability / compatibility / Interaction / Migration issue.

Objective : coordinated approach led entirely by COSMEBAC / ANALYTEC for examining formula stability, formula integrity relative to the pack and possible contamination by dangerous substances emanating from the packing.

Purpose : Full, independent expert appraisal of the safety of the product; intended for the Safety Assessor.

  • Usage Test Pack:

Analysis of the stability of the formula at the end of the usage tests: iterative tolerance, validation of the claims, microbiological cleanliness, doses of the preservative elements, influence of the final packaging.

Objective : to process the data collected after the product is returned from use.

Purpose : to monitor more closely the safety of the product under real conditions of use.