CBD: ANALYTEC is developing an new method!

CBD: ANALYTEC is developing an new method!
THC is probably the best known molecule in the cannabinoid family. If THC is a psychotropic drug with known effects, its neighbor, CBD, does not have psychotropic powers, but nevertheless seems to keep some interesting properties: against rheumatism, against anxiety …
Cosmetics did not remain insensitive to the amazing powers of this substance. CBD is increasingly used as an antioxidant in cosmetic formulas with calming, soothing effects …
Used certainly, but above all claimed! It is therefore essential to provide proof of its presence at any time in the life of the product. The dosage of this active ingredient is necessary:    – At different times of the stability studies, in accelerated aging
    – For each batch producedAs of now, Analytec has a method for measuring CBD. 5 grams, 5 days are enough to dose CBD in a complex cosmetic matrix.