Climbazole, Triclosan, Triclocarban

3 molecules, 3 reasons to pay attention, 1 single method…

Dosage à respecter de ces 3 molécules autorisées en tant qu’agents conservateurs dans les produits cosmétiques

Climbazole, Triclosan, Triclocarban






1- These three molecules are authorized as preservatives in cosmetic products.

Allowed, yes, but restricted in quantity: 0.3% for Triclosan, 0.2% for Triclocarban and 0.5% for Climbazole.


You have to be sure to respect the maximum concentrations.


2-  These molecules can be used as “active ingredient” for a different use than that of preserving the formulas: antiseptic, antidandruff, anti-aging…


It is necessary to ensure that the introduced concentration remains stable over time to remain effective.
3- Finally (since otherwise it would be too easy), these 3 compounds are controversial as to their effect on health and the environment.


It is advisable to check their absence in the formulas not having to contain them by crossed effect.

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