Expert group appraisals


The cosmetics market and Regulation EC 1223/2009 do not deal with the management and safety of a cosmetic product solely on the basis of the microbiological discipline. Moreover, in order to facilitate the management of your safety files and provide you with a simplified guide to our procedures, COSMEBAC, ANALYTEC and COSMEPAR are working together to improve the overall safety of your products.

You may therefore find our test packs which pool the technical skills of each laboratory:

  • Safety pack:

Optimisation of the TT (Tolerance Test) Challenge test schedules.

Objective: to reduce the sequencing times.

Purpose: to make available the results covering an average period of 30 days.

  • Usage Test Pack:

Analysis of the stability of the formula at the end of the usage tests: iterative tolerance, validation of the claims, microbiological cleanliness, doses of the preservative elements, influence of the packaging in fine.

Objective: to process the data collected after the product is returned for use.

Purpose: to monitor more closely the safety of the product under actual conditions of use.

  • Initial Stability Pack:

Original stability protocol dedicated to cosmetic products, particularly in the context of new formula preservation approaches.

Objective: coordinated approach led entirely by COSMEBAC / ANALYTEC for an examination of formula stability over time.

Purpose: advice of independent experts on microbiological and chemical stability.

  • MUT pack:

Microbiological stability test of a formula for use

Objective: To provide a safe solution when the formula tested is not compatible with the standardised microbiology tests (challenge test)

Purpose: To process the usage data to overcome the uncertainties of the Challenge test