Specialising in microbiological analyses on cosmetic products, COSMEBAC coordinates your development work and your industrial production by monitoring the safety and stability parameters of your products.

Founded in 1993, COSMEBAC constitutes the core of microbiological expertise of the Group. The laboratory concentrates its activity on the health safety and stability of the cosmetic products.

The mission of the COSMEBAC laboratory is to help the professionals in the sector to improve the quality of the marketed products. This commitment depends on the management of proven, standardised test protocols as well as the proposal of new technical approaches.

Each year COSMEBAC invests massively in cutting-edge technologies to improve its efficiency. In fact it is today the leader in the cosmetic market.

In addition to conducting analyses, COSMEBAC gives priority to dialogue and consultation to ensure that carrying out the tests forms part of the optimisation of the formulas and production safety.