Four “Challenge test” questions for R&D

 Do you want to formulate without preservatives with a protective pack ?

 Are you developing galenics which make you wonder about the relevance of a Challenge test, specifically regarding the reverse phase, wipe and anhydrous powder for re-moistening ?

 Are you developing a range of products for a sensitive public and whose microbiological stability is greater than
ever ?

 Are you taking a new “more natural” approach by formulating with preservatives for which you have no performance or stability record, etc ?

If you’ve ticked one of the boxes above, you’ll be interested in the following :

The Microbiological Use Test (MUT) pack aims to streamline the approach adopted in microbiological use studies, while calibrating the microbiological risk rating under real or foreseeable conditions of use.

Once the product has finished being used by a panel of volunteers, two test sequences lasting three and six days sanction the microbiological condition of the formula.

Three benefits of MUT :

+ No time wasted : the microbiological sequence can be programmed as part of the use and efficiency tests

+ No loss of signal : the multitude of pollutants in the consumer will challenge the formula with much more relevance than the five reference flora in the challenge test.

+ No risk study that does not take into account the contribution of the pack.

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