Quality approach

Committed every day!

Cosmepar’s teams work to guarantee you quality services. We have obtained ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22716:2008 certifications, both acknowledgements of our rigour and need to put the customer at the heart of our approach.

What is Cosmepar’s quality approach? Stéphanie Cochu, quality coordinator of the group, explains.

Cosmepar obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2015. Why is this important for Cosmepar?

After the certification ISO 22716:2008 Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices (the main objective being to get to know our clients’ concerns about compliance with European regulations), we felt it was important as a service provider to continue in our commitments to comprehensive quality, improving our performance and customer satisfaction.

How exactly does this quality approach pan out in everyday life?

Our quality approach concerns all employees; it’s a state of mind, a set of actions to improve our performance and benefit from the problems we encounter so that we don’t face them again.

How is Cosmepar committed to upholding this quality approach?

For us, complying with the standards ISO 22716:2008 and ISO 9001:2008 involves meeting a core objective: customer satisfaction. Our responsiveness, attention and advice which have established Cosmepar’s reputation also depend on the efficiency of our quality management system.

What are the next steps ?

Being certified is good, but staying that way is better! So the first step is to keep our certifications during the annual surveillance audits.

Next, we are launching a certification process in line with the international standard ISO 17025 for the Cosmebac laboratory; this accreditation from COFRAC (the French Accreditation Committee) acknowledges the organisational and technical skills of the laboratory and its staff. This is a new challenge for the team!

And what is your role in Cosmepar ?

My job is to implement the quality policy defined by management and to guarantee the quality of the company.

I manage multiple areas: the document system, proceedings, claims, non-compliances and corrective action, training etc. I’ll stop there, I have work to do !

As I said, it’s a mindset. And we do our best to ensure that quality serves our company and its customers !


Stéphanie COCHU is happy to answer all of your quality-related questions at : qualite@cosmepar.fr