Test and screen your formulas for HEPB

For several years now, it has become commonplace (to too great an extent?) to see the list of authorized preservatives become shorter, under the pressure of regulatory demands, or because of the media.
So Annex 5 of the regulation comes as something of a rarity in our cosmetic business as it is soon to incorporate a novelty! An occasion for celebrating!
HEPB is now authorized up to a content of 0.7 % as a preservative agent in rinsed cosmetic products, mouth hygiene products and unrinsed products.

Hydroxyethoxyphenyl butanone CAS: 569646-79-3


Incorporating a new preservative into a cosmetic formula is definitely an opportunity but we must keep the associated risks under tight control:

  • – Stability of the formula containing this molecule
  • – Confirmed antimicrobial capability of  HEPB in a formulation (whatever the galenic agent)
  • – Stability of HEPB during the aging of the formula

In just 16 days, via the Biolumix technology (Challenge Test as an alternative method), COSMEBAC has validated the total antimicrobial efficiency of HEPB in cosmetic formulations.
ANALYTEC screens the HEPB in these formulations at the beginning of stabilization, after 1 month at  40°C, after 3 months on completion of the Challenge Test…! So, at any time, between 2 and 5 working days are all it takes!
COSMEBAC and ANALYTEC teams and technologies all ready: 3, 2, 1… FORMULATE!

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